We specialise in producing granite worktops for the kitchen, vanity tops for bathrooms, hearths, fireplaces, mosaics, floors, and much more.

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Silestone and Quartz Worktops


Granite Surfaces


Granite is a very tough and durable natural stone; it is a beautiful long lasting, hygienic material – ideally suited to

countertops and worktops in the kitchen or bathroom. It is stain and scratch resistant and easy to maintain and keep clean, making it an ideal and popular choice for worktops. Granite surfaces provide years of durable service and add elegance and style to any setting.

This is one of nature’s purest materials, endowed with the highest qualities of durability and insulation, and which speaks freely of the world it comes from; it is for this freedom of expression that granites are chosen, for they achieve a dimension of chromatic relief that distinguishes them from the cold repetitiveness of artificial products. There is also a limitless variety of nveining and colors, which means that your worktops will always remain new and unique. In the last few years its popularity has outgrown other materials such as laminate, wood, Corrian and tiled worktops


Quartz/Silestone Surfaces

Silestone® successfully bridges the gap between nature and technology to provide the World’s fastest growing stone worksurface solution by combining the natural beauty of quartz with reliable performance and durability. Silestone® is produced from 93% pure quartz and is available in an exciting range of  colours in both polished & leather finishes. With a large quantity of slabs stocked within the UK in thicknesses of 30mm, 20mm and 12mm. Silestone® can be fabricated to suit your requirements.


Leather Finish

Silestone® leather finish is slightly textured with minimal surface reflection whilst still retaining the exceptional properties of Silestone®. This innovative finish provides a true alternative to high polished surfaces.


Mircoban Antibacterial Protection

The introduction of Microban® into the body of Silestone® slabs, now provides customers with a Silestone® surface that incorporates built-in antibacterial protection. This active ingredient will not wash away or wear out and will last for the lifetime of the product.